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Do you dream of owning a wood or a woodland valley. Its a worthwhile dream that could be a reality today.

Take a moment out of your busy day and think of dappled sunlight dancing on a woodland floor through a canopy of emerald green, the smell of a wood on a warm summers afternoon, or the sight of some woodland on a crisp clear autumn day with its gold, orange and red russet leaves shimmering in the autumn light, doesn't the thought of it all just make you smile.   Woods and woodlands are wonderful places and there's only one thing better than walking in a beautiful wood or forested woodland valley and that's walking through that same wood or woodland valley knowing that you own it.

Today you have the opportunity to become part owner of either Spring Wood or Taldrum Wood.  Spring Wood is made up of deciduous woodland and 100 young fruit trees, you may even see deer drinking from the stream that runs out of Spring Wood. Taldrum Wood is a little bigger and is made up of mixed woodland and its home to lots of badgers, birds and foxes.  Both woods are quite different from each other, Spring Wood is set in the rolling green hills of Devon and is 8 miles from Exeter, Taldrum Wood on the other hand is set in the dramatic Welsh hills of Carmarthenshire 6 miles from Bethlehem.

Not only are these woods lovely to own they also make perfect gifts and Christmas presents, gifts that don't cost the earth and offers you the opportunity to share your love of nature.

Click into the wood you like and it could be yours for as little as £50.00.

Enter Spring Wood, Devon
9 acres of woodland tucked away in the rolling Devon countryside.
Enter Taldrum Wood, Wales
12 acres of Woodland hidden in the Welsh hills.

Take part in a future that lasts by delivering a commitment to our planet.  Lasting solutions and positive steps make smaller footprints and together we are doing just that.  Each wood we buy is another step in the right direction and something we should all be justly proud of. All profits go towards buying our next wood.

We are looking for our third wood, so if you hear of a wood for sale or woodland for sale, please email us at, admin@woodsforall.org. Our goal is to own woods and woodland in every county of the UK one day, and with each new woodland owner, this becomes more of a reality for all our shareholders, as we plough all profits back into buying more woods and woodland. Woods and woodland for sale in Gloucester, woods for sale in South Coast and woodland for sale in the Lake District are of particular interest to us at this time.